Depart (2012)

Running time: 10:00
Native format: Quicktime MOV

A mini-essay on motion, image tracking, and mapping in an explicitly digital form. It moves through various modes of software and internet aesthetics to frame images of sublime landscapes and flying vehicles (airplanes, space shuttles, UFOs). Set to a score of air traffic control radios, transportation ambience, and ominous drones, the accumulating layers of found, manufactured, and self-shot footage – plus a swarm of digitally animated fireflies – ease into an ambivalent co-existence.



Pleats of Matter: The Films of Blake Williams, Acropolis Cinema – Los Angeles, CA

Anaglyphic Analogies: Films by Blake Williams, On Screen @ Blaffer – University of Houston, TX

Let There Be Light: The Cycle of Life, Tribeca Film Festival – New York City, NY

Right Ascension, Images Festival – Toronto, ON
Green Program, International Streaming Festival 7th Edition – The Hague, The Netherlands

contact: [email protected]