Depart (2012)

Running time: 10:00
Native format: Quicktime MOV

A poetic essay about motion tracking, digital manufacturing, and absence, wherein I set out to forge an on-screen interaction with fireflies that never took place. Set to a score of air traffic control radio, transportation ambience, and ominous drones, the piece intermixes found and self-shot footage until they are indistinguishable from each other.



Pleats of Matter: The Films of Blake Williams (solo retrospective), Acropolis Cinema – Los Angeles, CA

Anaglyphic Analogies: Films by Blake Williams (solo retrospective), On Screen @ Blaffer – University of Houston, TX

Let There Be Light: The Cycle of Life, Tribeca Film Festival – New York City, NY

Right Ascension, Images Festival – Toronto, ON
Green Program, International Streaming Festival 7th Edition – The Hague, The Netherlands

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