Laberint Sequences (2023)

A recursive search for the centre of Barcelona’s Laberint d’Horta, where a statue of Eros waits.

A Woman Escapes (2022)

While grieving the loss of her friend, a woman living alone in Paris begins an unusual correspondence with two filmmakers.

2008 (2019)

A stereoscopic aubade pondering the distance of the recent past, illusions of unity, and the comforts of companionship.


As a major storm strikes Texas in September 1900, a new and mysterious televisual device is built and tested.

Something Horizontal (2015)

Flashes of Victorian domestic surfaces and geometric shadows transform the physical world into a somber, impressionistic abstraction.

Red Capriccio (2014)

An anaglyphic found footage film about machines and landscape that interlaces motion with stasis, staccatos with glissandos, and reds with blues.

Baby Blue (2013)

Clips of trains, space shuttles, beaches, and cyclopes butt against one another to present a melancholic impression of mutating technologies, gestures, and organisms caught between one state of being and another.

C-LR: Coorow-Latham Road For Those Who Don’t Have The Time (2013)

Racing up and down the length of Coorow-Latham Road with Google Street View Hyperlapse.

Many a Swan (2012)

A film about folding — folded paper, folded land, folded timelines, folded video planes — that daydreams about the Grand Canyon (seen here in various ads, music videos, and anonymous found footage), Hollywood’s “Golden Age of 3D,” and the art of origami.

Depart (2012)

A mini-essay on motion, image tracking, and mapping in an explicitly digital form.

Coorow-Latham Road (2011)

A trek down the entire length of Coorow-Latham Road – a small, barely inhabited path in Western Australia, about 250km north of Perth.

Space-ship (2010)

Studio experiment with fluorescent lights, aperture settings, and a very smooth tilt.

A Cold Compress (2010)

A 16mm film projector (offscreen) pans its light across a studio, passing over a bouquet of yellow daisies.

No Signal (2009)

I turn on a Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector without wiring it to any input channels, thus prompting the system’s ‘no signal’ message default.

Nothing (2009)

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