Hail, Currywurst: my Berlinale schedule

February 11
12PM – Hail, Caesar! (Joel & Ethan Coen)
3:30PM – Lily Lane (Bence Fliegauf)
5:30PM – Tempestad (Tatiana Huezo)
9PM – Homo Sapiens (Nikolaus Geyrhalter)

February 12
9:30AM – Short Stay (Ted Fendt)
12PM – Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols)
3:15PM – Boris Without Béatrice (Denis Côté)
6:30PM – Creepy (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

February 13
9AM – Fire at Sea (Gianfranco Rosi)
12PM – Things to Come (Mia Hansen-Løve)
4PM – Eldorado XXI (Salomé Lamas)
7:30PM – A Quiet Passion (Terence Davies)
10:30PM – The Son of Joseph (Eugène Green) [Public]

February 14
9AM – Letters from War (Ivo M. Ferreira)
3:30PM – Being 17 (André Téchiné)
7:00PM – Carla [Uncensored 1990 restoration] (1965, Herrmann Zschoche) [Public]

February 15
11AM – Havarie (Philip Scheffner) [Public]
3PM – Crosscurrent (Yang Chao)
5:30PM – Fantastic (Offer Egozy)
10PM – Elixir (Daniil Zinchenko) [Public]

February 16
9AM – Soy Nero (Rafi Pitts)
1:20PM – The Wounded Angel (Emir Baigazin)
5:30PM – Illegitimate (Adrian Sitaru)
7:30PM – The End (Guillaume Nicloux)
10PM – The Meadow of Things (1988, Heinz Emigholz) [Public]

February 17
10:30AM – Ta’ang (Wang Bing) [Public]
3:30PM – The Dreamed Ones (Ruth Beckermann)
5:30PM – Depth Two (Ognjen Glavonić)
7:30PM – Rio Corgo (Sergio da Costa & Maya Kosa) [Public]
10:30PM – Much Ado About Nothing (Alejandro Fernández Almendras)

February 18
9:30AM – A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (Lav Diaz)

February 19
12PM – Saint Amour (Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern)
3:15PM – A Dragon Arrives! (Mani Haghighi)
7:15PM – Tales of Two Who Dreamt (Andrea Bussmann & Nicolás Pereda) [Public]
11PM – Marble Ass (1995, Želimir Žilnik) [Public]

February 20
12PM – The Road Back (1937, James Whale) [Public]
3PM – The Lost Angel (1966, Ralf Kirsten) preceded by Memento (1966, Karlheinz Mund) [Public]
7PM – Life After Life (Zhang Hanyi) [Public]
9:30PM – City of Jade (Midi Z) [Public]

February 21
10AM – Blue Dress (Igor Minaev) followed by Vapour (Apichatpong Weerasethakul) [Public]
4PM – Despite the Night (Philippe Grandrieux) [Public]
8PM – +88:88 (Isiah Medina) [Public]
10:30PM – United States of Love (Tomasz Wasilewski) [Public]