Many a Swan (2012)

Running time: 5:43
Native format: Quicktime MOV (Anaglyph 3D)

A film about folding — folded paper, folded land, folded timelines, folded video planes — that daydreams about the Grand Canyon (seen here in various ads, music videos, and anonymous found footage), Hollywood’s “Golden Age of 3D” (namely, Dial M for Murder), and the art of origami.


Stereo Unrest: The 3D Videos of Blake Williams (solo) – Queensland Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia

My First 3D Part III: The Final Chapter – Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Pleats of Matter: The Films of Blake Williams – Acropolis Cinema, Los Angeles, CA

event #4 – Rubicon Cinema, Akron, OH
Flicker and Wow: Experimental Shorts 1 – The Public Cinema, Knoxville, TN
On Screen @ Blaffer – Anaglyphic Analogies: Films by Blake Williams – University of Houston, TX

“3-Discussions” – The Corpus: Bodies on Film/Bodies of Film, Toronto, ON

Many a Swan co-presented w/Kazik Radwanski’s Tower – The Royal Cinema, Toronto, ON
Experimental Shorts – Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, IL

INTER PRO 4 – Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
Fascinations – Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic
Wavelengths 1: Under a Pacific Sun – Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, ON
Summer Nights Festival – Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, ON

contact: [email protected]