Two Rainbows (2010)

Two Rainbows presents two white arches,each projected from a DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector – which achieves its image by projecting red, green, and blue images very rapidly to give the illusion of white. The viewer, when looking back and forth from one arch to the other, sees a multicolored trail; this documentation shows the camera picking up these rainbows, which get more vibrant and intense the faster it pans.

Pupils (2009)

Pupils was shown in Toronto’s Fly Gallery – a window display venue – for two weeks in Spring 2009. The piece presents a set-up with a television and a lamp. The bulb on the lamp turns on and off at a sporadic rate; the video on the television, which shows an eyeball, reacts to the bulb as if they were in the same space. Each time the luminosity suddenly increases, the eye’s pupil dilates, just as the auto-shutter of the video camera does.

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